Making a backup of your phone can keep your data safe in the corner of your PC drive. After implementing the steps here on this screen, you will be able to transfer your Android phone data to your PC. We will use a software called SyncDroid. No hassle it’s free 🙂

Steps to backup your phone data to your PC :

Step 1. Installation process of SyncDroid:

Download SyncDroid. One-click social follow to unlock Download button:


Choose the version compatible with your operating system you are a Windows user rather an iOS user.

1: iOS users         2: Windows users

System support backup android phone


Yup so you installed SyncDroid, now open the software using shortcut icon on your desktop and make sure you have enabled USB debugging mode on your phone.

How to enable using debugging mode on your Android phone to transfer your data:

  1. Go to Settings menu and now you’ll be able to see “Developer options” there.
  2. Tap it and turn on USB Debugging from the menu on the next screen.

On USB debugging

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Step 2. Connect your USB cable to phone and PC:

So you’ve connected your phone to PC using a USB cable.

Connect USB cable

After that in the My device section, you will be able to see

Method 1: Connect my phone via USB cable. Click on the connect button. It will take few minutes or seconds while checking your phone drivers…., Connecting phone…, Yahoo the backup screen should appear now click on the Backup button. Now select the category to backup accordingly or you can backup them all even your browser bookmarks too 🙂 make a name for your backup content, and you can leave a note too. Then simply go with the button Backup

select the category to backup


So SyncDroid should start the backing up the data to the selected category from your phone. It will take time as per as the size of content it is transferring. When the backup process is completed, you’ve to click on open backup to view your backup files either you can click on Finish to simply close the window.

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