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Today I am going to reveal top 5 best Android Music Downloader apps with you. Although nowadays, due to access to high-speed internet connection, we can enjoy live streaming of music and can listen to it online. But still, many times you might be interested in downloading some tunes or music of your choice to enjoy it when you’re offline or have no internet access. So, for this, below is the list of top 5 best apps which help you do all that free and in a legal way.

Soundcloud: Best for both Quality and Quantity

SoundCloud is considered a hub of mp3 music and audio files. Approximately more than 12 hours of audio is being uploaded in each minute. Although they are mulling to introduce a subscription fee which perhaps may be applicable before the end of 2016 but still its subscription is free.

The service offers thousands of thousands of free music tracks, remixes, and other live recordings. Although all of this music are not available for download, you can download most of them.


Music Maniac Mp3 Downloader

Music Maniac is a highest rated free music downloader for android devices. Music Maniac provides facility to search and download millions of Free music from search engines directly to your Android device. One of its greatest characteristics is that it has an extensive database of Creative Common licensed songs which you could be reuse for your production. It also provides a detailed introduction of the artist, album, and other related information about the music you are interested in the download.


Google Play Music

Google Play Music is top in best android music downloader app due to its vast collection (of about 35 million songs) and other majestic features. The app allows its users to upload up to 50000 songs for personal collection and also save the cache to listen to music offline. App offers free tracks and albums to download even if you have not paid a subscription for this purpose.


4shared Music

4shared is famous for file sharing service, but now the company has introduced its mp3 downloader app for androids. This app searches and downloads mp3 files from a database of millions of files. You can also enjoy 15GB of free space to upload music of your choice and stream them on the go.

4share Music’s database has more than 6 million of music tracks. The app is especially appealing for lovers of classical music. The app is fabulous for searching classic, not- copyright and relatively unfamiliar music tunes. It has an old-school interface which is appealing for older Android versions lovers.


Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager allows you to download three files simultaneously, including MP3 and MP4. The app has a huge number of settings and allows customization for downloading of files, i.e., limiting downloading speed not to exceed bandwidth and multiple files downloading option. Advanced Download Manager is One of the fastest downloading apps in the list of Best Downloads manager for Android.

One major drawback of ADM is that it does not provide searching of tracks but once you find music of your choice. Its downloading speed is much faster than other apps.