The invention of androids is a revolution in communication technology. Androids enhance the computation power and make work easy for the user. There are many types of Android apps available for fun, gaming, productivity, fashion, and computation. But these apps and fast computation power of devices consume battery power in a rapid speed. Rapid battery consumption is the biggest problem which Android users face. Although nowadays mobile chargers, which someone can keep in his/her pocket while traveling and walk, are available to charge the battery at any required time. These things help but it is not the solution to the problem. Here in this blog post, I would like to share some free Power Safe Battery Apps, which enhance the functionality of battery and increase its life.

These best Power safe battery apps for Android boost battery timing and keep the non-active apps in rest mode which killing your phone’s battery life somehow it will improve your phone’s battery life.

Du Battery Saver

Best Power Safe Battery Apps for Android

Du Battery Saver is a free app which helps to increase battery life more than 50% longer. DU Battery Saver has pre-set, easy to use power management modes. It can be used in one touch control and provide great features during charge stage. DU Battery Saver has Convenient Batter Saver, Smart Pre-Set Modes, Phone Cooler which monitors and disables apps which are intensively consuming CPU powers. Also has Healthy Charging Manager, Charging Screen Saver and Accurate Status features which help to boost battery charging speed up to 20%. Du has been installed over 400 million devices.


Battery Doctor

Best power safe battery apps for Android

Battery Doctor is also a free Power Saving Battery app which extends battery life up to 50%. This app finds and stops those apps and settings which drain the battery of your Android device.  Battery Doctor uses 3 Stage Charging System which keeps the battery healthy and boosts its power and life. Battery Doctor also schedules power saving mode to save battery timing.


PowerPro – Battery Saver

Best power safe battery apps for Android phone

PowerPro is a free app developed by PSafe Tecnologia S.A. Users can optimize battery life and device performance. PowerPro provides two power saving mode, Balanced mode and Ultra mode, Smart Sync functionality for syncing only when connected with power supply. Scheduled power saving mode set by the user during moments you don’t use a device. App also rank those features and apps which consume more battery power.


One Touch Battery Saver

Android Apps

TACOTY APP develops one Touch Battery Saver. In insufficient power, the user can just click on Power Saving mode which inactivates WIFI, GPS Location System, Bluetooth, background lighta, synchronization, and vibration. It also activates silent mode to save battery power. The user can also personalize settings for Battery saving mode.


Clean Master

Battery apps for Android

Clean Master is not only a power save battery app but also speed booster and free anti-virus for Android devices. It uninstalls unnecessary apps to boost device performance and increase game speeds up to 30%. It analyzes and finds apps which waste more power and stop them from extending battery life. Also, cool down CPU by killing apps which cause overheat to make the battery last longer.