The Snake is the general name for a video game; The player moves a line which grows in the column, with the line itself comprising a primary obstacle. The concept began in the year 1976 arcade games generation Blockade, and the ease of performing Snake has led to numbers of versions (Most commonly used the word snake or worm in the title) for many operating systems. There are over 200 for Android alone. After an exception had been preloaded on Nokia phones in the year 1998, The people were more interested in this game as it cute as. In the game Snake, the player has to control their Snack to eat the dots, Objects and avoid the wall. Here is the list of best snake games for Android.

#1 –

Best snake games for Android is a multiplayer game, the thing of that it’s ranked on the first on this table it is this graphical interface, and it doesn’t contain any ads. You can play against other people. Can you become the longest? This is very easy to play you just have to beat other snakes and eat them, the rule of killing the snakes is you have to force them to be touched by your body, there’re two options “Play online,” “Play against AI” you can play against AI without internet connection 🙂

Download this best snake game for Android


#2 – Snake ’97: retro phone classic

Best snake games For Android

Okay! Go back to 1997 again 😛

This is a renew of the original Snake, complete with dot-matrix display and monotone tones. Back to the time and get a dose of remorse that is as addictive (and frustrating) as the original.

Play Snake ’97 and be qualified to lose some productive hours.

Simply launch the app on your Android phone, touch a button and start!

Snake ’97 features:

  • – old school controls
  • – dot-matrix display
  • – original monotone sounds (bleep)
  • – Nine original and three extra difficulty levels
  • – Snake 1 and Classic Snake 2
  • – Five classic game modes (5110, 3210, 8210, 8850 and 3310 with Snake 2)
  • – bonus creatures (Snake 2)
  • – go through the walls! (Snake 2)
  • – Five original and two extra labyrinths (Snake 2)
  • – a high score that cannot be reset (just like the original)

The story behind this game is that my smartphone got damaged, requiring me to revert to an old phone. Suddenly I knew the smartphone was missing something and the idea for an accurate Snake remake was born.

Snake ’97 is an homage to the classic mobile phone games programmed in 1997.


#3 – Snake WWE

Best snake games for Android

Similar with but it contains ads and pop-ups and old code design, here’re two options “Play online,” “Play against AI” you can play against AI without internet connection 🙂