I’ve mentioned already about how you can download free myxer ringtones directly to your phone and today I am showing how easy it is to create a listening room and invite and listen with your friends in Myxer Social Radio.  One of the other things that helps put the “social” in Myxer Social Radio is the ability to chat with your friends and others in the a room, in real-time, while you are all listening to the same music.  After all, what’s the point of listening to music with your friends if you can’t comment to each other about the songs?  No worries, we’ve got you covered with chat.

On the web at www.myxer.fm the chat window is always visible, so it is easy to check out the vibe of the room and add your comments to the chat.


On your iOS or Android device, just tap the “chat bubble” icon on the NOW PLAYING screen when you are listening to open the chat window.   We’ll also notify you with an emoticon inside the chat bubble when there is new activity in the chat room.

Rock The Vote

Another good reason to use chat when you’re in a Myxer Social Radio listening room is to rally others to help you skip a song you don’t want to hear.  When you are in a Myxer Social Radio room with a group of other listeners, for a song to skip the majority of people in the room have to “vote it off the island” by giving it a “thumbs down” or tapping the “skip” (fast forward) button.  Chat can be a fun way to rally some support if you like the room but aren’t quite grooving to the current song.   Give it a try the next time you are listening.

Now that you know how easy it is to chat while listening to music in Myxer Social Radio, I hope to see you chatting away soon!

Meanwhile, here is a free “Anime Internet Chat” wallpaper for your phone.  Enjoy!