Pokémon GO was launched freshly in the USA and only in a couple of other states but not in Pakistan. That’s perhaps to keep the load on servers in check whereas they optimize them for a wider launch. Though, there is a huge community of Pokémon lovers in Pakistan who are excited to play this game. So, we have amassed a guide for such players so that they don’t have to pause for Pokémon GO to be officially launched in the Pakistan.

How to download Pokémon go in Pakistan , Pokémon go APK Free

Pokémon Go has been taking millions by the stride. Hardly a couple of days after release, it has closely surpassed Twitter in terms of users in the United States as well as is installed on almost 5.6% of all Android devices in the country. It has also developed the number one app in the Google Play Store. In our country Pokémon APK can be downloaded free.

download Pokémon go in Pakistan

Pokémon Go is a “real world adventure” game. It allows players catch Pokémon’s in the real world by utilizing their phone’s GPS and camera by allowing them to roam around. You can then contest and upgrade your Pokémon’s as well.

Pokémon goes APK Pakistan free download, how to download Pokémon go in Pakistan

How to download Pokémon go in Pakistan, Pokémon go APK Free

Firstly download the latest APK of Pokémon GO from any trustworthy website. We commend download it from APK Pakistan free download.

Download Pokemon Go APK

Discover the downloaded file in the file explorer.

Hit on the Pokémon GO APK free download to install it. (You may need to give distinct permissions to install APK manually.)

That’s done. Play the game now.

How to download Pokémon GO in iOS in Pakistan:

To install as well as play Pokémon GO on iOS you want a Pakistan iTunes account. If you don’t have one, follow the underneath steps to create it.

Introduce the App Store from your device.

Move to very bottom and tap on the Apple ID: [your current email]

Stick on Sign Out.

Then go to home screen, launch Settings app.

Hit on General.

Tap on the Language and Area near the bottom.

Tap on the Region

Tap on Pakistan to set it as your region.

Then, open App Store and start a search for the Pokémon GO app.

(Tap Change Store if it stays wedged on your old region and speaks the item isn’t accessible in the current store.)

Tap Acquire.

Tap Install.

Tap Generate New Apple ID.

Check Pakistan if it isn’t already checked.

Fill out the essential information.

Tap none for billing info. Pokémon Go is free to use, and you can always buy iTunes gift cards far ahead if you want to buy other content from the store.

Launch Mail to confirm the email address you need to the U.S. account.

Then, again open App Store and search for the Pokémon GO application.

Tap Get and at that time tap Install. The game will not be installed.

You can then change the region to your local one and move to your iTunes store. Though, you can always come back to US iTunes store to bring up to date the game.