The electronic cigarette is becoming more common and popular among smokers every day. While many smokers use the device to be able to legally smoke indoors or in other places where the law prohibits actual smoking, savvy smokers have found an even better use for the e-cig. It turns out these battery-operated inhalers can actually lessen your dependence on traditional cigarettes. When used correctly, they can even help your kick the habit for good.

What to know before purchasing an e-cig:

The basic principal of E-Cigarettes is the same as nicotine gum or patches. The idea is that you can use the device as a nicotine replacement tool in order to quit smoking over time. Once you’ve purchased your E-Cigarette, make sure you also buy some backup cartridges so that you won’t run out of liquid nicotine and be left reaching for a traditional cigarette.Use as Normal
Next up, use the E-Cigarette as you would use a traditional cigarette for a period of a week. However, you’ll want to take notes of how often you use the device and how many puffs it takes in order for you to feel satisfied. Record these numbers. Many smokers note that it takes fewer puffs to become content, and the puffs do not need to be as deep as with traditional cigarettes.Step Down Your Usage
Finally, begin to wean yourself from nicotine by eliminating usage of the device. You can do this in many ways. Begin by either using fewer smoke breaks per day or even limit your hits on the device by one hit per day. If these ideas don’t engage to you, try buying liquid nicotine that is less powerful of less flavorful to your palate.
There have been some studies produced that show following these steps can help you quit. According to a study published in the New York Times, however, more than half of people studied reduced their nicotine intake as a result of six months on the e-cigarettes, and a quarter of people quit altogether. As with all stop smoking devices, results will vary and are strongly related to your desire to stop smoking.

As more and more consumers are switching over to the new electronic cigarette, big tobacco companies are taking notice and getting worried. Since starting their tobacco campaigns back 50 years ago, the big boys spent a lot of money covering up the actual dangers of cigarettes and all of the carcinogens found in each cigarette. They also spent untold millions convincing the world that cigarettes were safe and not addictive. They even advertised to the younger generation to get them hooked on tobacco to ensure there would always be new generations of smokers to line the pockets of these big tobacco giants.
It was not until the 90′s that multimillion dollar lawsuits were levied against the big tobacco companies for hiding the danger of cigarettes. It is no wonder why these companies are becoming intimidated over the new electronic cigarette on the market to replace traditional cigarettes.

Honest review of VaporFi(An electronic cigarette brand):

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Introduction About Electronic Cigarettes & Smokeless Cigarettes

VaporFi is a full-service site selling e-cigarettes in many varied electronic cigarette kits including the newer and easier e-cig, which is a two-piece unit with disposable cartomizers, or customers can stick to the older model that is the three-piece unit, which is refillable with the e-liquids. They even have an e-pipe for individuals who prefer pipes.
VaporFi makes it easy to “make the switch” by offering a coupon code for 10% off, and free shipping is included to get you started on your journey to throwing out those traditional cigarettes. They even have a reward points program for their customers.
Why choose VaporFi over other e-cig companies? It is quite simple. They have the largest and most extensive collection of kit packages, over 30 different flavors to choose from and nicotine levels from high to zero content.
VaporFi sayings:

  • We don’t bite. Customer service is our top priority, and customer satisfaction is essential, so if you need to contact us, you can expect that you will be treated kindly, courteously, and never like just a transaction.
  • Unintimidating selection of state of the art e-cigarette vaporizers from entry-level devices to advanced vaping systems and everything in between.
  • Top of the line e-liquids. American-Made = Awesome. Our nicotine e-liquid is always 100% made in the USA, for the very best in potency and manufacturing standards. Our liquid base is comprised of “USP Grade Kosher” materials. Our glycerin is of the purest standards, sourced from Soybean so it is free of peanuts, in addition to being diacetyl-free. Our juice goes far beyond food grade, they are designed to be inhaled!
  • Take flavor into your own hands. Or mouth. Customize flavor blends to your palate. Our entire line of e-liquids covers a wide array of flavor options, allowing you to choose what you want from a list of many, versus settling for a limited number of options most other brands present. You decide, you mix, you use without settling for a prepackaged taste in doing so.
  • When it comes to shopping we’re giving you the best of both worlds. VaporFi products are available for sale through this very website and at our specialty retail locations. Sure, brick and mortar shopping allow you to touch, feel, and see our electronic cigarettes and, most importantly, taste our variety of flavors before you buy. Although there some equally awesome advantages of shopping in the comfort of your own home.


Smokers just want to enjoy smoking without all the dangerous chemicals or second-hand smoke, so why not make a difference in your life and switch over to the e-cigarette today for your health.