Search console or Fetch as Google: means submit your URL in search console from webmaster tools, or notifying Google you wrote some post or update some post. But this method has some demerits which are discussed below:

How to index event blogs
1) Short Term Ranking (Maybe for 1 or 2 days)

1) Quick Indexing in Google may be in 5 minutes ..but the image will not be indexed within 5 minutes. It will take some time..maybe in 3-4 hours.

index event blogs

———————Merits of Natural Indexing—————
1) You will rank for a Long time and if your image is index naturally by Google, then your image and URL will be ranking for long.


Natural Post Indexing Tips:

1) Regular Posting 3-4 daily till 25 days because you have to set the frequency of Google because Google has bots if you will continuously post daily at 8 pm then google bots will set its frequency and will index your post daily.
2) Submit Sitemap of Each month in Webmaster tools
3) Submit Sitemap of Images in WMT
4) After some time Google can also index your link automatically. But follow the 1,2,3 points for safe side.

Note: If the event is too close (means one day before) then You can use Fetch as Google or Console…

Long Term Post Indexing:

Only Follow Natural Post Indexing and follow above natural Post Indexing tips. I will upload this text in word file after 3-4 hour because mostly PTI friends do not read these files

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How to index event blogs