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Newspaper Premium WordPress Theme v7.4 Free Download

Original + Non-Nulled + Includes Theme Activation Method

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO USE Newspaper Premium WordPress Theme v7.4 Free Download:

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WordPress theme free download



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Install / Update and Activate Theme:

Hi, Thanks for choosing Newspaper Theme. This is a brief instruction guide made for TechPixls visitors to

answer some common questions I get from many people. Also, check the Activation Instructions.

1. Install the Theme:

This instruction is for installing the theme for new users. If you installed the theme

earlier and want to update the theme, check the next heading.

• Unzip the entire downloaded zip file: themeforest-5489609-newspaper somewhere on your

computer. You can see the following files:

Newspaper Premium WordPress Theme v7.4 Free Download

2. Update the theme:

  •  Choose a different theme for your WordPress.
  •  Delete the newspaper theme by going to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes. Don’t worry your data will not be deleted, as it is saved via your WordPress database.
  • Upload the updated version of the newspaper theme via the steps mentioned in the above heading.
  • Activate the newspaper theme to become live.

3. Activate the theme:

  • Download MODDED td_cake.php file from here: http://bit.ly/1PyA9qS
  • Go to your ftp and find ORIGINAL td_cake.php. You are most likely to find this file in this folder (/wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster)
  • Take the backup of the ORIGINAL file and replace it with downloaded MODDED file.

Congrats! Now your Newspaper Premium WordPress Theme v7.4 is activated 🙂 .


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