The plugin allows you to export your database, media files, plugins, and themes. You can apply unlimited find/replace operations on your database and the plugin will also fix any serialization problems that occur during find/replace operations.

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All in One WP Plugin is the first plugin to offer true mobile experience on WordPress versions 3.3 and up.


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Works on all hosting providers

  • The plugin does not depend on any extensions, making it compatible with all PHP hosting providers.
  • The plugin exports and imports data in time chunks of 3 seconds each, which keeps the plugin below the max execution time that most providers set to 30 seconds.
  • We have tested the plugin on the major Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Bypass all upload size restriction

  • We use chunks to import your data and that way we bypass any webserver upload size restrictions up to 512MB – commercial version supports up to 5GB.

0 Dependencies

  • The plugin does not require any php extensions and can work with PHP v5.2.

Support for MySQL and MySQLi

  • No matter what php mysql driver your webserver ships with, we support it.

Support WordPress v3.3 up to v4.x

  • We tested every WordPress version from 3.3 up to 4.x.

Supported hosting providers

  • Bluehost
  • InMotion
  • Web Hosting Hub
  • Siteground
  • Pagely
  • Dreamhost
  • Justhost
  • GoDaddy
  • WP Engine
  • Site5
  • 1&1
  • Pantheon
  • See the full list of supported providers here

Migrate WordPress to most popular cloud services using our completely new extensions

  • Unlimited
  • Dropbox
  • Multisite
  • FTP
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon S3
  • URL
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • And many more to come

Contact us

  • Get free help from us here
  • Report a bug or request a feature
  • Find out more about us

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